Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 1 of Take Off

Well my first day of Take Off was actually ok. I think the fact that I slept until noon probably helped the fact that I didnt need as much food as I normally would when I get up at 530.

I did a lot of things to keep myself busy. Just as Teale likes to make lists, I also looove to make lists. I thought it would be a good idea to do a lot of things today so that I would get some things out of the way that I needed to do, and also take my mind off of food. Here was my list:

1. Clean everything
2. Put away summer clothes, take out winter clothes
3. Print photos on photo paper so I can hang some frames that have been sitting here since I moved

Well I accomplished 1 and 2. The cleaning was good exercise and it looks fantastic in here. The putting away of the summer clothes was also a looong task as I have a lot of clothes, and I got a good work out there, with all the bending and picking things up. It was kind of fun too, to think, hey maybe I wont even be wearing some of these clothes next summer because they will be too big!!! Granted, I will miss some of my cute summer clothes.

Didnt get around to the photos, but that can wait for another day. I dont really feel hungry either, which is good. Hopefully I will have a smooth day like this tomorrow. I am only worried that it will be hard because I will be awake for longer hours and usually get hungry more often.

But this is proof that food is just food. We can live without certain foods. I didnt have any fats, starches, dairy, or condiments today, and while a few of my meals were kind of bland without them, I am not hungry. I satisfied the most basic instinct: hunger. And its ok. Now I just need to get through Day 2. I weigh in tomorrow night so hopefully I will like the results of this 2 day Take Off.

And thanks again for those who are reading and posting comments. You have no idea how much they mean to me. I feel like I have lost some readers, not sure why, but for those of you who still read, I am so very glad because I need your support more than you probably realize sometimes!


Scale Junkie said...

I'm a list writer too! I make lists and I use a list of pros and cons to help me make important decisions.

I think its possible you've lost some readers because some people have already slipped into holiday mentality? The stores are full of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff all at once. Its enough to make your head spin!

I'm still here and I'm still reading your blog!

Twix said...

Just stopping by. I think it's great that you can make lists and execute them. I make lists and easily get sidetracked into a million other things, lol! So congrats on sticking to it! My kids are discovering that Cheerios are bland but Cheerios with sliced bananas, yum! I like them too!
Good luck with your weigh in. :)

Teale said...

Yay for lists:)

Lisa said...

Just accomplishing the first item on your list is HUGE. I dread that task, especially since it seems that as soon as those shorts are neatly packed away, it turns into 95 degree weather for a week....

minke369 said...

:) I admit, I'm a list writer, too.