Saturday, October 27, 2007


Yesterday I went in to get weighed and there was a counselor there who I hadnt seen since the start of the program. So really, she knows nothing about me and what I have been doing and going through for the last 12 weeks.

So we head over to the scale and I lost another .4 so that was awesome. Brought me to an even 191. As I get off the scale, rather than saying, great job!, she says, well lets get you back up to that 2 pound average a week.

I almost stopped dead in my tracks. And do you know what I said (in a sickly sweet voice)? I said, "actually I am really quite happy with the progress I am making. It doesnt concern me to be losing 2 a week".

Wow, I amazed even myself! That is NOT the self conscious intimidated girl I was a few weeks ago. This girl has had no clue what I have been eating or the challenges I have through. She was treating me like every other customer who would need the same advice. But I am not the same as everyone else. I am doing whats right for me.

So she says, well lets look at your food diary and see what we can do. I smiled because I know that I eat dead on. So shes looking and I could tell that she couldnt find anything. Finally she said, well you had 2 string cheeses today for your dairy. Do you like yogurt, that is better. I said, well I had yogurt yesterday, and today I had a taste for cheese. It is completly acceptable on this plan and rather than deny myself what I felt like eating to make YOU happy, I ate something that made me happy.

I dont think she liked that! Then in a monotone voice she said, well keep up the good work. And I left.

Now I realize I wont have a good relationship with all counselors there. Usually I get my favorite 2: Katie who is the manager and who has been with me since the start of this. She was the one who helped me the day I came in there, desperate, and needing help. Danielle is one that I wrote about who had lost tons of weight on this program. We are around the same age and just completely get each other.

They dont treat me like just another customer. They realize what I like and dont like. They realize that I do the best I can do and sometimes only lose .5. They realize I dont want to use their supplements,etc. because I want to do this the right way and because my sister used laxatives and other drugs to feed her eating disorder. They realize that I have been through a lot to lose this weight.

I am just really proud that I stood up for myself and for my choices. That I could honestly say, I dont care Im not losing 2 pounds! and really mean it!


Chubby Chick said...

Good for you! I love your new and improved attitude! I'm glad you stuck up for yourself and your beliefs!

I hope you don't get this counselor EVER again.

Scale Junkie said...

I'm so proud of you!! You are doing an awesome job and the weight is coming off and staying off! But even more impressive that you are so secure in your actions you verbalized it to her. Two pounds a week might be good for their statistics but you have to do what is best for your body. I happen to think your weight loss fabulous!

Teale said...

That's a great step for you to stand up for yourself there! I totally disagree with her telling you that we need to get you back up to 2 pounds a week. A LOSS IS A LOSS! I feel like she would be making some people feel like they were failing if they fell short of 2 pounds/week, when that's not the case at all. Slow and steady, you're doing great!

Mary said...

Surely, losing 2 pounds a week is an average? I mean, some weeks you could lose more and some less, but the important thing is that your body is making steady progress in not only decreasing fat, but increasing in muscle, cardiovascular endurance, and overall health. Your body knows what it's doing.
I think losing .4 pounds is great! Congratulations!