Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fried Heaven

Yes everyone, I indeed had another slip and ate like shit last night. I went to Hooter's where all of my boyfriend's cousins get together once a year at Hooter's to catch up and eat some wings.

I had a plan: It was to eat a salad, and maybe indulge myself in a wing or 2. Also, to have 1 glass of beer.

Here is what I did have: grilled cheese with bacon, 4 wings with bleu cheese sauce, curly fries, and I cant even tell you how many glasses of beer. Maybe 5-6?

I was in fried heaven and I gave in to temptation. It had been so long since I have had anything like that. I had to tell myself to slow down because I was just stuffing my face and not even enjoying it.

This time though, I dont think I was eating because of anything emotional, I was eating because I was just plain starving, and the last thing I wanted was a salad. By the time everyone got to the restaurant and we got food, I hadnt eaten in like 5-6 hours which is a dieter's worst strategy in preparing for a night out.

I also just felt so ASHAMED almost afterwards. I look around the table and 2 of the other girls at the table didnt even eat half of their sandwiches or fries. Another girl had a salad, which is what I should have been eating and made me feel even worse. So there I was, the FAT girl who eats and eats and eats. There was that little voice in the back of my head telling me they were sitting there thinking that about me.

So my plan of attack did not go so well. I guess we will see on the scale tomorrow the result of this fried binge!


Teale said...

Well, we all have these slip-ups. I think it's important to still allow yourself a small indulgence every once in awhile so that you don't go all out and binge because you crave the junky stuff. For example, today I had a couple peanut butter/chocolate candies. I had two, and was good and satisfied. I feel like if I hadn't indulged, next time I would have just gone all out and binged on them and eaten the whole box or something.

Chubby Chick said...

Awww... don't feel ashamed, girl! We ALL fall off the wagon from time to time! Even those skinny girls who were sitting at the table pig out from time to time! Well... at least they do if they are even remotely HUMAN!!! lol

Just get back on the wagon today. And have a great October! :)

Nykky said...

Don't feel ashamed. I have mistakes almost on a weekly basis. But I just have to tell myself I didn't fail altogether I just had a slip and I get right back on my diet plan.

I have noticed that when I eat great for 2+ weeks with no cheating that when I do go out and eat I get crazy and stuff myself and I don't even enjoy the food, it's like I'm not even tasting it, I hate that.

And thank you for the link, I linked you back!