Friday, October 29, 2010

Overdue post

Yes I have returned for a MUCH overdue post. I feel so bad that I have neglected this blog and all my blogger friends, but sometimes you have to prioritize and these past few months have unfortunately put this blog on the backburner.

But here I am, finally married and with things settled down, I can get back into this again. There is no way I can really sum up the past 2 months as they have been so wonderful. Despite closing out the biggest project I receive all year that happened to coincide exactly with my wedding and being crazy busy, I was able to manage things including my weight and having gotten through it all, I am definitely a bit sad that its all over.

I think last time I posted was prior to my bridal shower, which was such a wonderful day. Since that time I also had my bachelorette party which was amazing. We started the day off getting pinup pictures done which is something I am SO glad that I did. I was nervous to be posing in pinup poses, and I also opted to do a stripdown, which is another way to say that I took my top off although nothing is actually shown. I figured, why not go for it because when am I ever going to look this good or feel this good about myself? After getting the pictures back, I was so happy that I did it because years from now I can look back on those pictures and know that all my hard work at losing weight paid off and that I do love myself just as I am. Not to mention that pinups were never all that skinny so its a nice way to appreciate curves.

Me and my then fiance

My and my bridesmaids at the shower

Me, still dolled up in hair and makup from the pinup shoot

Me and 3/4ths of my bridesmaids

One of the pictures from shoot - my husband and I love our hockey, hence the jersey

And then there was the wedding. It was such an incredible day that nothing will ever top. Things turned out just as I had always dreamed they would. Sure we had a few minor things happen that werent ideal, but nothing that ruined the day at all. It was such an amazing moment to finally be married to my husband who I have been with for 10 yrs, and I have never felt as beautiful as I did that day or as special. At the reception when we entered the room and everyone stood and clapped for us - there are no words to explain how overwhelmed and happy that I felt. I have never felt more beautiful in my life. Not that I only lost weight for the wedding, but I am so glad that I got to where I am now because I look at my pictures and love how I look and I was always afraid when I was 226 pounds that this day would come and I would look back and wish I was thinner. Now I just cant wait to get the real pictures from the photographer, these are just some that other people took which is why we are never looking at the camera.

Just leaving the church

We went to the forest preserve for fall pictures - this is with our matron of honor and best man

Walking hand in hand

Shot of the whole party

Cake time, and yes I did eat the cake (it was delicious)

We took a "mini" honeymoon to Door County, WI which is so beautiful this time of year and it was a perfect getaway. The place we stayed at had a really nice whirlpool in our room and since it was so cold all the way up north, it felt so relaxing and nice to just stay in and hang out in the whirlpool. Our real honeymoon will be to Hawaii next year so I do still have an incentive to keep up the weight loss so that I look great in a bathing suit.

Me at Cana Island Lighthouse overlooking Lake Michigan

So life from here - just focusing on continuing to eat right and work out. I definitely enjoyed myself the past few weeks and wasnt so worried about food so I know that I have put on a few pounds, but I have just jumped back into my routine and I know they are already coming off. I do have a new lowest weight though which I reached 2 weeks prior to the wedding - 143. I was running around like a crazy person so I am sure that it was mostly due to stress and usually I have been hanging out around 144 but it was nice to see a new low again. Hopefully entering the holiday season I can maintain where I am at. And I promise to catch up with all of you on your blogs and hope you have all been doing great.


Blossom said...

Congratulations, you look beatiful!

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

You are a stunning bride! Congratulations! You deserve such happiness.

MB said...

I love the photos and can't wait to see what amazing work the professional photographer did. You were a BEAUTIFUL bride!

Wishing you and your husband a lifetime of happiness together. Congratulations!

Susie said...

oh my gosh..I swear i have goosebumps. Everything is so beautiful and I couldn't be happier for you and your husband. I love a fall wedding! ( we just celebrated our 17th anniversary on sat!)and what a fantastic idea to get those pin up shots done. If..okay..when I reach goal..I want to do that! I bet your husband loves them. You look and sound great..congrats on the newest LOW weight and finishing your work project while finalizing the wedding ( stress!!!).
Congratulations and wishing you and your hubby the best.

thanks for sharing your pics!

The Merry said...

What lovely pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Liska said...

Heather so you didn't blog for most of the Summer either. Both of us had other priorities - you a new marriage and me a new baby. Well I have started blogging again in earnest.

You look stunning in your photos. I am going to read the post properly now.

Liska xx