Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday quick one

Just a quick check in - I am back to my regularly scheduled weighins. Down .4 from Friday which is good, but still a bit high (159.4). Definitely nearing TOM territory though so Im guessing that is probably why I feel bloated and my weigh is higher. Why does it feel like it is always TOM?

Saturday after dinner my fiance and I went for an hour long walk which was really nice. It was quite cool out which is rare for August, so we figured it would be a good night for a walk. The wind was pretty crazy which is typical for Chicago, but it felt really cold and my face was numb from the windburn. We walked around in the fields near his house which involves a lot of up and down hills and picking your feet up through the brush so it was a pretty decent workout if you could call it that. But it was nice - definitely something I would like us to continue doing once we are married. We will be one of those couples you see walking every night hopefully.


Cammy said...

An evening walk would be a wonderful tradition to build together!

Lady Vea said...

Absolutely wonderful idea, I think it is one of the best times to really TALK to each other without any distractions and often you share some lovely sights together.