Monday, July 13, 2009


I am back and avoiding the scale. I have a feeling I probably wouldnt like what I see on it. Thats not to say that I went crazy on my trip. I was super busy most days and didnt sit around and snack or eat things I shouldnt, however I did go out to eat several times, and I did eat a few things that probably were not the best choices. I also didnt get any exercise in (aside for any walking I did), and that doesnt help things. So for the meantime, I am going to avoid the scale until I can get things back on track. I know any gain I would see is temporary (and TOM is also hitting me) and I would rather just think back on my trip with good thoughts rather than regrets.

I had a wonderful time in PA. The wedding dress shopping was so much fun, and Im still thinking about that dress so I have a feeling that it will become THE dress. We also drive to Ohio and went to a really cool "safari" type of place called The Wilds. Its much better than a zoo in that the animals are out there in the open rather than stuck in cages, and you can get so close to them. I will post a few pics below. It was a really fun time, and my vacation went by WAY too fast. I will be ready for my next on in August.

Busy busy busy at work this week catching up, but Im just going with it, eating on track, and exercising all I can, and hopefully I can get back into my routine again. Unfortunately I have another dinner planned for tomorrow night with some coworkers so Im sure that will through my healthy eating plan for a loop, but Ill do the best I can like always.


Loser Girl said...

hi! I've been following your blog for a while, but probably never commented.. anyway, I just wanted to say you've been motivating to me, and keep up the great work! congrats on the weight loss and engagement!

Lyn said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great time. Love the giraffe pic :)

Crystal said...

Welcome back from vacation! Looks like you had a great time...I love me a good zoo and the safari ones are so nice to visit.

Lady Vea said...

Looks like a blast, glad to have you back, and the dress from your last post looks absolutely FAB on you by the way!