Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Checking In..

A quick check in - down .6 from Monday so Im slowly getting back to a number I am more comfortable at. TOM started so it could be much much worse.

I did well yesterday with my dinner. We had like 10 min to eat before we had to leave to get to the reception hall and it was raining and flooding so it took us even longer, but I just ate a sandwich, some string cheese, and strawberries which was about the healthiest I could manage. The bread was white bread which is something I dont eat, but once isnt going to hurt anything and since the scale is down, I guess I didnt make too bad of choices. Much better than if we had stopped and gotten fast food or something.

The reception hall we looked at was really really nice, but I have a feeling our 2nd choice which we are looking at tomorrow will be the one we go with. They are both the same in terms of price, but the one we are seeing tomorrow has more than the one I saw last night in terms of how close it is to the chuch, the liquor provided in the bar, the space, private bridal suites,etc., so I think we have nailed down our decision. Now we just need to set our date! We meet with the pastor tomorrow and hopefully he will approve to marry us and we can put a deposit down for a date. I am nervous about this simply because I want to set the date and know that the longer we wait, the less chance we have at getting the reception hall we really want. But because this is the first meeting with the pastor, I worry he wont let us put a deposit down yet when I just want to do it already! I will feel so much relief to book the chuch and reception hall, and then take a break for a little while on some of the other details.

Heres hoping I can successfully manage another dinner out tomorrow.


Cammy said...

I have to laugh at myself for freaking out over white bread now, when it's what I mostly ate for almost 50 years. :)

Achieving the Real Me said...

Thanks for the nice and encouraging comments you post on my blog. I really appreciate your support.

I love the wedding plans you have added to your blog. I love this kind of stuff! Enjoy it! And here is hoping that the pastor will agree and let you set your date. :)

Trisaratops said...

You did great eating out - it is so hard - and makes me feel a little panicky when I have to eat out a lot. But you will make the best choice you can, I know you will. Congrats on finding a hall and a pastor!