Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Midweek Weighin

Down a measly .2 but at least its going down. I hate TOM sometimes because you work hard and you want to see those results and it just screws everything up. I related to something that Tara said on the Biggest Loser last night, that she likes weighing in because when she sees a loss, she feels like she has accomplished something. That makes a lot of sense because Ive been told that I weigh myself too often or focus too much on the scale and while that is true, its not always because I want to lose weight or lose weight faster. Its because when I do lose, I feel that I have accomplished something and that my hard work has paid off.

Speaking of BL, the finale was great. It was hard because I thought all 3 were deserving, but I was rooting for Tara just a little bit more simply because I relate to her the most. I think I relate to the drive that she has because I feel that I have that drive as well. Some people struggle with weight loss, and while I have struggled, somehow i just keep going because I know that I have to and because I want it. I think her stats throughout the season (winning almost every challenge, never being below the yellow line) show that she has tremendous drive and willpower and that got her further than gameplay ever did. All in all, I really enjoyed this season. Last season I was getting so tired of the people and the game play, and this season renewed my interest again and really inspired me. I think the episode where they ran the marathon was possibly the best BL episode ever. I hope the continue to make more seasons with these types of characters rather than those who are in it for a quick weight loss fix and some money.

Friday I will be going out to lunch for a coworkers birthday and I have no idea where we are going. That is making it hard for me to plan what Ill be eating. Im certain based upon some of my previous experiences that I can find something, but Im still slightly nervous and sure that the scale will be up regardless. Ill just do the best that I can and even if the scale is up, at least Ill know why.


Crystal said...

I've always liked the Biggest Loser, too. It's great to see how hard they try and you can tell how much they want to reach their goals. Very inspirational.

Nyght said...

You never know - you might get a happy surprise and the scale might be down! Sometimes when I just know I'm going to be depressed stepping on the scale, a miracle occurs!

MB said...

I was disappointed that Helen was the Biggest Whiner, I mean Biggest Loser. I was routing for Tara too.

Chubby Chick said...

I enjoyed this season of BL more than recent ones, too. The people just seemed nicer this season. When Ron finished the marathon... I had tears in my eyes. Mikey was SO proud of him! I just hope they can help Max lose weight now. I feel really bad for him!

I'm sure you'll make good choices when you go out Friday night. Have fun and relax! :)

Cammy said...

I'm just the opposite. This may be the season that broke me of TBL. All the crying and whining and over-hyped drama wore me out. Not to mention the commercials. :)

You'll do fine on Friday if you EXPECT to do fine. :)

Rachit Dayal said...
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jh said...

I know how you feel about not having control over where you are going to eat but just know that you can make something healthy anywhere. Don't be afraid to substitute or eat a bit before hand so you are not so tempted.

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