Friday, May 22, 2009

Hooray for a 3 day weekend!

I am so glad that it is a 3 day weekend. I really need it. This week at work was horrible, and unfortunately I found out that this will continue for the next two weeks as our client imposed another tight deadline on us and of course we have to meet it. I plan on just enjoying this weekend while I can and getting the rest that I need to help me get through these next few weeks.

Thankfully, my weight is down almost 2 pounds from Monday to 157.6. I will take it! That is not so bad considering my ankle is still swollen and I have TOM. I attempted some actual cardio exercise the other day and it was difficult. I struggled through 45 min, but got through it. My ankle is sore as a result, but it was sore anyways so I figure maybe it will help strengthen it up a bit. Its still yellow and then blue in some spots. ick! But Im glad I have enough strength to get through that because I was sick of doing pilates and I dont think it was helping to burn off much.

So Im sure this weekend will be full of parties and food so I plan on just doing my best. Tonight already I am going out to a bar to watch my beloved Blackhawks play against Detroit so I will likely consume at least one beer. Then tomorrow I have a wedding to attend (although thankfully the bride and groom only eat vegan so Im pretty sure the food will be healthy). Then Monday will be a bbq. I will make the best choices I can and hopefully I wont be up too much for my weighin next week. Hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!


Cammy said...

Have a great weekend, Heather, and take care of that ankle!

Liska said...

Hi, Yesterday I bought the new Wii Active. Have you tried it yet?? I absolutely LOVE it. Great addition for the Wii and provides a super workout. Made me sweat buckets yesterday. xx

Trisaratops said...

And I forgot to tell you - congrats on the loss! What a relief with your ankle!