Friday, March 27, 2009

Alive, barely

Yes I am still alive, although I dont feel like it. The worst part of this flu is over, but my body is just so exhausted. I barely have the strength to do anything. Now I also have a horrible cough that has made my throat sore and causes me to be out of breath all of the time. I attempted to exercise yesterday as it was the day where I felt the strongest, but could barely get through anything without having a coughing fit.

And just how is my weight you may ask? Well on Wednesday I was down .8 from Monday, and today I am still the same. I am disapointed that its not more, but for my complete lack of physical activity or exertion in any way I will take it.

I was hoping to have lost more so that I could close out the month with a pound loss. However, its looking like I will only be able to claim a .4 loss. I guess it could be worse - it could be a gain, but not what I was hoping for, especially since I was down to 156 a few weeks ago before TOM. I will have to see how my measurements go. With the exception of this week, I have been keeping up with everything so I hope to see some inches lost, but after my disapointing month last month, I wont get my hopes up. I am worried that my work schedule in the next coming weeks will limit my ability to get in some good exercise time, but Im not going to try and worry about it - rather just take each day as it comes.

ok typing this took just about all my energy, so its back in bed for me.


Wei Sic Meow said...

Sucks being sick doesn't it? Hang in there!

Cammy said...

I think the worst part of the flu is when you're on the mend. Nooo energy. The last time I had it, I had to take a nap after I walked to the mailbox and back. :)

Glad you're on the mend! Don't push too hard, lest you relapse!

new*me said...

my whole family has been sick except for me........thank I could care for them!

Hope you are feeling better soon! Take care and don't even think about losing weight while recovering!

The American Homemaker said...

I hate being sick! Let yourself rest and don't try to work out, silly girl!

Ceres said...

Yikes, I do hope you feel better soon...

Heather, I just finished reading all the postings that I didn't read during my three-month absence. I feel even worse now for not reading or commenting, it looks like it's been a little rough for you, and I should have provided support. So again, I am very sorry. I think you're doing an amazing job with your weight loss, but of course you know that already. I also think that the body image issues will solve themselves in time. Sometimes our head takes a longer time than the scale to adjust to a new lifestyle.

Exercising and not just focusing on the weight loss is an excellent decision. Even if you gain weight (which might happen, because of increased muscle mass), it will only be temporary, because then your metabolism will kick in and you'll start burning more calories to maintain the newly-built muscles (but I guess you know that already too). But for me, exercising has different benefits, which I think are more important than the weight loss per se. It's about connecting with your body and becoming more aware of what it can do and what its limits are, letting out bad energy, feeling empowered, getting the endorphines kick in... All of these don't necessarily make you lose weight, but they are an essential part of your overall well-being, which might have something to to with what the scales read. Anyway, here's my two cents on the matter.

Of course that doesn't mean that you should exercise when you're sick :-) Take it easy, love yourself and take some time to relax, and all will be well soon! You're already a champion!

healthy ashley said...

So sorry you had to be so sick!! I hope you're feeling better by now?