Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing New

Not much to report here - the ear is still plugged up. The pain has subsided, but I just keep hoping it bursts so I can have some relief already!

Up .2 today which is baffling since I havent done anything out of the ordinary that would make me up. I dont know if the medicine Im on would have much to do with it, but who knows. Im sticking with eating right and exercise, and weight is just a side thought.

I read an interesting article on Yahoo's home page yesterday about how the Wii Fit doesnt work - because people dont use it for more than a month. Its considered a "fad" exercise now. The writer said that he doesnt know anyone who has used to past a month. Well hello! I definitely have. I am on my 39th day, so there! Sure, I bet that a lot of people who bought it have grown tired of it, just as people grow tired of any game or exercise that they have done many times. They did say that for those who do continue to use it, it definitely is a good form of exercise. Some scientists are apparently doing a study that will last several months to really see how much of an effect it has, but to me, anything that gets you off your butt and moving is something that is good for you!


spunkysuzi said...

Glad you said that because i was thinking of buying one soon!! I read that article and i wasn't so sure whether i should or not.

Karyn said...

I like your 'new' attitude about the scale! Good for you to be consistent with the exercise you have chosen!

Bev said...

WTG on doing it for 39 days! :)

carla said...

when I saw that article i rolled my eyes.

someone needed a column QUICKFASTANDINAHURRY huh?

new*me said...

I think a lot of people do that with electronics or new toys of any kind. But if you like it, use it :)! I would love to get one :)

Cammy said...

I saw that column, too. I hope he/she isn't expecting a Pulitzer. :)

Good for YOU for enjoying your Wii! You *have* to, for those of us who don't have one. It's a rule, I think.

(I'm ignoring the 0.2 gain, and I'm glad to see you are too. *G*)

Liska said...

Heather, I just came across that article as I was Googling to see what people were saying about Wii Fit in relation to weight loss. I then just wrote about the article and my feelings. Then I thought, I bet Heather's post "I heart Wii Fit" will make more sense now I have one, so I went to your blog and typed "wii fit" in the search field and was so surprised when this post came up. Even though I read your blog regularly I must've missed that post.

Anyway, I can't say same as you (39 days) as I got mine on 1st Feb. But what I can say is that the only day I have missed in 7 days is 6th Feb, and I am loving it. I am about to hop on it for the second time today.

My friend at work did tell me Friday, that she has had hers for a year and used it five times.....

I also wanted to ask you, what your favourite games are? Mine are the ski slalom and the bubble down the river.

I do love it and I hope that feeling does not wear off.

Do you find it hard going on the thighs like I do?

Bye for now, off to Wiiiiiiiii,

Liska x

Liska said...

Oh my God! I just got 41 seconds for the ski slalom five times. So I got really determined, crouched as low as my thighs would permit, and battled through, and eventually after much trying got )
0:38.93 and it is now calling me professional instead of amateur. But girls, can you believe it, I am actually out of breath. It is not just working my thighs it must be getting my heart rate up tooooooooooo.

Heather tell me if you like the ski slalom and what's your time?

Liska x

Liska said...

Here's a more positive article blog about the possibilities of losing weight with Wii Fit: