Monday, February 9, 2009

Mondays suck

I dont like Mondays, but today sucked more than usual. They switched our network at work over to a new system over the weekend, so I arrived to work unable to get into my computer. Once I was in, I lost all my emails, contacts, passwords to things,etc. I spent at least 2 hours today just getting things to work and not doing any actual work. So today turned into another long day.

I also went back to the dr and while the infection is gone in my ear, it is still full of wax and pus and other nasty things that it still needs to all drain out before I will hear again.

I am also up .8, but Im ok with that. Thats hardly a gain, and Im sure I know why. Saturday my boyfriend and I intended on staying in and eating a healthy dinner because we will be going out for dinner this saturday for Valentines day and wanted to save money. Well his parents got a gift card to Bucca di beppos and asked if we wanted to come. We decided to go, and while I did make healthy choices at dinner (his mom and I split a stuffed chicken dish that was delicious), his dad ordered this huge dessert and we all had shared. It tasted pretty darn good so Im not too upset that I indulged, and Im glad to see the scale isnt up that much.

Wanted to do the Wii Fit tonight, but I dont know if I have time. I need to now play around with my home computer to make sure I can get on our network at work from here when I work from home. So more work when I am not at work. UGH.


Merry said...

I feel your pain :(
But I'm glad you got to enjoy dessert -- you deserve a treat once in a while!

Bev said...

Sorry you had a rough day! Hope tomorrow goes better for you and your eyes finish draining that gunk out, no fun!

Tony said...

Bucca is yummy for sure. They give you a ton of food. Hope your week gets better.

(I'm jealous that you got to see The Killers btw)

carla said...

love that place as well and, seeing as FAMILY!STYLE!isnt my gift, Im kinda glad they dont have them here.

I dont think.

hold on---

Once Upon A Dieter said...

Ear infections are awful. I still have ringing in my ears 4 years after a really bad bilateral infection. Sucks.

I hope your ears clean out beautifully and NO TINNITUS sets in. :)

I haven't been to Bucca in a couple years. I mostly only liked the ravioli and the salad. I don't remember having dessert there. Hmmm.

Anyway, happy healing.

The P

new*me said...

life without dessert would be so sad.....glad you got a little indulging in ;)