Monday, December 29, 2008

First Weighin After the Holidays

Time to face the music after a week of no exercise and some overeating... up 2.4. There I said it, and Im ok with it actually. Do I like to see a gain? Of course not, but I wasnt a perfect angel the last week so it doesnt come as a surprise. Do I want to continue eating as I was the last week? Hell no! My body is punishing me and I hate the way my jeans feel a bit snug. I am having some "intestinal distress" today which I am sure is my bodys way of telling me that I definitely was making some poor choices.

So Ive moved on the from the last week's choices and am just going to put it behind me. After all last year around this time I weighed 181 so 159 doesnt sound so bad at all when you put it in perspective. I had a nice time with my family and Im glad I can leave all of that behind in PA and keep up my healthy lifestyle here in IL.

Ive jumped back into exercising full force since I got a new Pilates dvd, and of course, my new Wii Fit which I love (and will write more about later)! So I feel that I am doing something rather than sitting here worrying about a gain. Sure New Years is coming up which means alcohol and party food, but its just an evening and Im going to treat every day this week as I would any other day as its no excuse to start anything after New Years.

What can I say - its good to be back. PA is not good for my health!


Wei Sic Meow said...

Welcome back! Good for you on your positive attitude. If the holidays are good for one thing it's making us realise we are doing the right thing the rest of the year!

Also, welcome to the Wii Fit appreciation society, glad you're enjoying it.

HollyALP said...

Yes! I LOVE wii! May I recommend the "My Personal Coach" Wii program? Wii fit was great for weight training sans weights but not so great for cardio or yoga. My Personal Coach is my new addiction... OK, I'm done pushing Wii products now - I'm so happy you're back on track and doing well. Down 20 pounds since last year? That's flippin' amazing. You look beautiful!

Angie said...

Welcome back! Isn't it exciting to be getting back on track... I can just feel the pounds melting away... LOL I wish! said...

Hey Heather,
Welcome back - you were missed!

Glad you had a nice time but know how good it is to be back home. It always takes me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

Also great to hear you aren't beating yourself up over the scale. I've had a slight jump also and can't quite figure it out as my calories have actually been averaging LESS but I think it's because I've switched up my exercise. The good bit is that my lower body measurements have all decreased over the last 6 weeks so I'm getting SMALLER, just not LIGHTER. This is a weird business - this fat shifting.

Have a great New Years Eve.

Karyn said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday time with your family!

I like your attitude about New Year's Eve and the days before it.

I can't wait to hear about your Wii Fit....we tried to find one for our son but they are scarcer than hen's teeth. I'm wondering if it would be worth it for me to buy a system just so I can have the Fit part.

Lora said...

Happy New Year Heather!

Big Girl said...

If you could see me right now, I'd have a tinge of green. I'm jealous of you and your wii fit... tell us all about it!

I love you positive attitude and your right, it's good to look forward and not back

Have a happy New Year

Chantelle said...

It's hard to stay on track during that holiday week with all the temptations plus being out of our routines.

I know it will be gone in no time. x