Monday, October 20, 2008


Somehow I got lucky today, and am down .4 from where I was last weighin (Wednesday). I say luck was involved because I did not have a very good food weekend. While its kind of sad to think I would probably be down a lot if I hadnt eaten some of the things I did, at least I am still down.

Friday I worked late (which is why I didnt weighin), and ended up meeting some friends at Hooters where I ate dinner. While I had a salad (because everything else there is fried), I did have 4 beers which is something I RARELY do. Im not a beer drinker, and definitely do not drink 4 beers at a time. So that right there was a mistake. But I can accept that I was using that alcohol as an escape. After a shitty day, week, and several weeks, it felt nice to go out and drink without thinking about all the things that I have to on a daily basis.

Saturday was fine with my eating, but yesterday my dad came into town and we went out to breakfast. I ate on plan, having an egg white omelet and some coffee, but later on we went out to eat and I had a burger. I rarely eat red meat and all my readers know that it sticks around for a while, but I had such a craving for a burger. I enjoyed it so I guess thats all that matters. We did go to Navy Pier and walk around, and it was so incredibly windy and we walked against the wind that I definitely got a workout just from that. I had a nice time with my dad so I can just chalk this up to a bad weekend in terms of food, but a fun and relaxing weekend for the rest of things.

The good thing about me is that I dont find it hard to get back on track with my healthy habits after I have eaten out a lot. I dont really like eating processed food because of how it makes me feel, so it always feels wonderful to eat healthy and whole. Hopefully I will like what I see on the scale on Wednesday.


Karyn said...

Sounds like you did not too bad, except for the beer....and I'm glad you had a good, relaxing weekend with friends and family - that is important too!

Tony said...

"After a shitty day, week, and several weeks, it felt nice to go out and drink without thinking about all the things that I have to on a daily basis."

AGREE. Lose 80 Pounds said...

I find it frustrating when I've had a bad week foodwise, choicewise but yet I have a loss at weigh-in, but on weeks where I feel I've done everything right I gain.

Just realized you're from Chicago...we've spent Memorial Day weekend there the past 2 years. It's a great city!

Ceres said...

This is great! I think you did really well in your social eating; there's no way I would have settled for a salad at Hooters, he he :-) And exercising with your dad like that makes it all the more fun!

HollyALP said...

I'm hoping some of your good luck mojo rubs off on me! My weigh in is tomorrow - wish me luck!

carla said...

that is a big step...the final piece you mention in the last paragraph.

for me anyway.

when something CLICKED and I still liked eating out/processed crap BUT was so ready for my 'regular' food after a few meals outta my routine.

Cammy said...

Not so bad, other than the beer. But that's canceled in favor of fun. :)

When I went to the Navy Pier last year, I *had* to eat a cheeseburger at Billy Goat Tavern (everyone said so). I'm sorry to say I was disappointed in it and ended up throwing half of it away. I hope yours was better.

Have a great week!