Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Didnt expect too much today when I weighed in, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw I was down 1.4 from Monday. I really didnt expect to be down and weighed in because I was curious.

So I am pleasantly surprised and hopeful that this might be a good start of some future losses!


carla said...

swinging by to check in---GREAT NEWS.

especially the lightness of your spirits!

new*me said...

relax, enjoy the ride and don't forget about protein, pears, and almonds ;) Good girl!

Felicia said...

YIPPIE! Congrats on the loss! You are sure going to win this race. I just know it!!

Have a WONDERFUL day!

Karyn said...

I'm glad the numbers are going down again!

You have done great, Heather! Keep the positive attitude.

Ceres said...

Yay for the loss, must feel wonderful :-)

Holly said...

Woohoo! Good job Heather!

Poonie said...

Great news and totally deserved after the stress you've been going through. (I've only just been catching up on the last few posts, sorry you were having such a tough time with the scale being such a pooh-head to you!)

Keep up the good work!

Tony said...

I weighed in today and was pleasantly surprised by a loss also. Good job.

Chantelle said...


I just stumbled across your blog. I can't even remember what path led me here, but I am so glad I'm here.

I've read back on a few or your archives and am already so inspired.

The last few weeks must have been very frustrating for you. I hope this last weigh-in is a sign of things to come.

They always say that these last pesky kilograms are the hardest.

Good luck to you, and goodbye to the last bit of weight. x

Scale Junkie said...

YAY for the loss, I know you're in the zone of the tough pounds to lose but I have complete faith and confidence that you will persevere!