Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 42

This will be a quick checkin again this week:

Up .4 from where I was last week, but as I posted yesterday, its not a surprise because I did eat (and drink) more than I normally ever would. It was an exception made for a special weekend, and Im not sorry that I did it. It feels good eating on plan again and I think my digestive system is returning to normal.

Another bad week in terms of exercise: 2 days (excluding the corn maze and dancing at the wedding). Not proud of that again, but quite honestly, I get home with enough time in the evenings for dinner and maybe an hour of leisure time before I head off to bed. Sure, I could take that leisure time and turn it into exercise, and some days I do. But one thing I am working on is my mental health, and mentally, I need this time to read some blogs, read a book, or watch some mindless tv (which I usually do with hand weights or some other type of low key exercise) or I think I will go insane. I have not been able to take a lunch at work all week, so this is about the only time I have to enjoy in the day.

Mentally, I am better this week than I was last week (probably because TOM is over), but its the third straight week I have been working these crazy hours, taking no lunch, and being constantly stressed, and its wearing me down. It feels like this project will never end, and I keep hoping it will get better, but who knows.


HollyALP said...

Hey congratulations from me for the two days of exercise you got in! That's more than I get in sometimes and I have no busy schedule to blame... You're doing amazing - keep pushing!

Susie said...

thank you for visiting (and remembering me)! You looked amazing at the wedding..really GORGEOUS!! It sounds wonderful. Glad you had a fun weekend.. I recently did the corn maze too...lots of walking! LOL. Take care. Keep it up girl!

Chantelle said...

I have about the same time at night too. It's such a struggle. There is actually not enough time in the day to fit everything in.

I hope the project is over ASAP.

Please take your vitamins so you don't get sick. Thinking of you. xx

Holly said...

I hope work eases up for you soon! Sounds like you had a great weekend though.. you just gotta take these lovely fall days when you can!

carla said...

hang in there and eat as well as you can just for ENERGY and HEALTH.

that stresscortisol is a killer.

(uh, figuratively I mean :))


Poonie said...

Doesn't it sometimes feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day?! You are doing the right thing. IMHO good health is about balance and your mental health is as important as your physical health. Stress is a killer so take that 'you' time where you can get it. You are doing great. I hope work gets less crazy for you soon.

new*me said...

try to get a little snack in. Skipping meals isn't good for that metabolism or energy levels. I hope it eases up soon ;)

Ceres said...

Maintaining your mental balance is as important as maintaining a healthy body. I hope your work becomes more enjoyable soon!