Monday, September 29, 2008


So I am just clueless at this point. I am up a pound from Friday. You would think at this point I must be stuffing my face or doing something different. Nope, nothing.

A lot of people have mentioned that its just daily fluctuations. I wish that was the case. However, looking at my weight change in a week, I gained 1.4. So those daily fluctuations do add up to one gain. To get things straight, I dont weigh myself every day. I do weigh myself every other day, and its a habit I have kept since starting LAWL. I continue it because I like to have something to keep myself accountable. When I did WW way back when, I used to pig out and eat heavy in the days following a weighin and eat nothing right before. Not that those behaviors would resurface, but its one reason I dont do just a weekly weighin.

Dont get me wrong, I dont look at these tri-weekly weighins individually. I have a sheet and I look at my weight change in a week. I think it was Cammy that pointed out I should look at trends, and I have been doing that. I have been falling in the same weight range for about the past 12-13 weeks, somewhere between 159 and 158. I have dropped below 158 about 2 times in those past weeks. For a while, Wednesdays were usually an "up" day on the scale, but lately, it is just about every day.

My exercise frequency has stayed the same, with 4 days/week being about the average...perhaps I need a new workout routine. I am not really sure if I can workout more than 5 days a week, especially with the work schedule I have had lately.

Eating...Im not eating anything differently than I used to. The only change is that my LA Lites (the energy bars you purchase when you start LAWL) ran out so I have been replacing them with Luna bars. I was told by the counselors and others on the LAWL boards that these were a good substitute, so I find it hard to believe that these would be the culprit. I still try a new recipe just about every week, and have no problem getting my water in.

So as you can see, I am just clueless. A lot of people said that maybe my body is just meant to be at this weight, and maybe that is true. My BMI is normal, however it is on the higher side closer to obese so its not as if Im in the low part of the "normal" range. My stats are on the side, I am 5'9 so I am tall. I just find it hard to believe that all of the sudden my body just stopped losing weight with no changes in my lifestyle except the fact that I weigh less.

I am really taking a few things to heart. If these tri weekly weighins keep upsetting me, I think I will go to a weekly or bi weekly weighin. That was my plan once I got to stabilization anyways. To wean myself away from the scale. I wasnt ready for stabilization at 160, but now I am getting tired of this all. "All" meaning weight loss mode. I dont think I would have any problem with stabilization except how I feel. I am not sure if 8-9 pounds would make a big difference in how I look and feel, but it might. I still have some fat on my stomach and thighs and I feel would be smoother if I lost that, and I might be in a size 10 at 150. I guess I have to ask myself if 8 pounds really is worth this. I am not sure right now...I have too many other things on my mind that have to do with my job. I will figure this out though, so in the meantime, I will just keep doing what Im doing and hope for the best.

I have come a far way, and I havent given up. I have changed my body and become a healthier person. Its hard to look at the big picture sometimes, and I feel that i have lost that to some extent. I still have body issues..I still see a fat person or someone who still needs a lot of work. But whats more important is that I have accomplished something good and this isnt the worst that could happen (even though it seems like it sometimes).


carla said...

I am with the others in that it's waterweight.
NOW Im also not belittling the fact that THAT can entirely mess with your head.

how are the clothes fitting?

the jeans??

I still see a fat person or someone who still needs a lot of work.
The above, while a struggle, is also a good thing in a way.
a sign that it is water weight/small fluctuations and, after some time, when your head can adjust to your new bod it will ALL CLICK INTO PLACE.


new*me said...

maybe changing up your exercise routine is what your body needs. Maybe if you put your energy into your workouts some more lean muscle can take the place of fat and get you into a smaller size without necessarily weighing less :)

Kari said...

Your weight of 159.4 on a 5'9 frame puts your BMI in the normal weight category...not anywhere near "obese".
If you started at 207lbs and are now at 159 and you are still doing the same routine as you were in the beginning then maybe you need to try adjusting your calories in vs. calories out.
It is possible to continue working on your body and toning it without seeing the numbers on the scale drop.
I think the big picture here is learning to accept how far you have come, and the body that you have now. From others experiences that I have read about it is something that takes some time. But I think that when you get to that point, that right there would be like 10 steps forward for you!

Ceres said...

Heather, I'm really sorry, I didn't realize you were stuck in the same range for 3 months now! I don't know what to tell you, except that I do sympathize, don't think that I don't. Sometimes our body needs some time to adjust to a new weight. I usually spend two weeks in a 2-pound range before I see a new loss. I'll admit that 3 months is too long, though, I would be pretty upset too... But then our bodies are different and behave in strange ways, what can I say? If you do everything right and you get in less that you get out, the weight loss should happen... eventually. Unless you have some health issue, that is, but I think you would have realized sooner, if that were the case.

Out of curiosity, how do you exercise? Do you do it alone at home, with a dvd or something? Maybe it's time to "pump it up" a little more, do a little cardio at the gym? I know it will be hard with your work and everything, but perhaps you can go, like, twice a week or something... I can't think of anything else to tell you right now. But I am sending some positive energy your way :-)

Cyndi said...

Maybe changing up your workout routine would help. Not necessarily adding another day, but doing more interval type cardio workouts to challenge your metabolism, and of course more strenth training to build lean muscle as mentioned above.

If you are running, then change your runs to doing some sprints/fast intervals alternating with slower recovery jogs.

I know another blog friend actually INCREASED her calories by 100 per day to fuel her workouts, and suddenly the scale moved and she reached her goal - so perhaps sit down and truly analyze your calories in and out and see what you find?

All that said, you seem to have some stress going on lately with your work & all that, and the body will definitely protect itself from stress by releasing cortisol. Maybe doing some meditating or relaxation exercises (yoga stretches?) would help as well.

I personally thing your weight is healthy and maybe you are where you are...but if you are not comfortable, the only way to move things along is to change some aspect of your overall plan.

The Better Idiot said...

Sorry you're finding it so difficult hun, I know how frustrating it can be when you put in the sffort and just don;t see the results on the scale.

Do you measure yourself too? Maybe you'll see a difference there if not on the scale. If you're still exercising could it be muscle gain?

I keep my fingers crossed you break through this plateau soon!

p.s. I love your layout and it ahs forced me to go to the site and find somethign pretty for mine :)