Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Healthy You Challenge Week 23

Well last week I did not record a weight for the HYC so I dont have much to compare to, so I will just be glad that I was down yesterday and just leave it at that in terms of the dear old scale.

I exercised 3 days this week which again, is not my usual 4, but I will take it. I have been busy working late at work (we have clients in from Sweden, who are very attractive by the way, heh heh) so Ive been getting home later and havent really devoted more time to exercise as I would like.

So far Ive incorporated pears and almonds into my diet as they were suggested (see previous entry a few back) as more fibrous and help get those last few pounds off. I guess we will see if they do any good, but at least they are delicious!

I also had a NSV in that with these clients in from Sweden, we've had to dress in business casual wear all week. Last time we had to do this was a few months ago and I was wearing a size 14 dress pant. I loved these pants so much that when I saw a size 12 on the rack a while back that was marked down, I grabbed them hoping I would be in them. Well that time came! Yesterday I put on the 14s and they were quite large, so I reached for the 12's and although they were a bit tight, looked pretty fabulous and I have received compliments all week. Now if only I could wear size 12 in jeans!


Holly said...

Kudos on the great week!! You look amazing in that pic a few posts down!!!!!!!

Ready Maid said...

Well, you GO, Girl! I'm right there with you on sliding into those 12's!! And congratulations for staying on track, even with cute clients from Sweden.

You're beautiful inside as you are on the outside. Good work!

Merry said...

That's a wonderful feeling when the smaller pants fit! Congratulations!

And I hope you don't have to work too hard or too long. At least you have cute clients to work with :)

Cammy said...

Maybe you already DO wear a size 12 jeans, you just haven't found the right pair. :) I'm constantly amazed at the difference in sizes, from one style to the next.

Excellent week, especially in light of the Swedish invasion. Hope you have another great week ahead!

Katy said...

Hey there! Just reading up....love the picture below...you are looking great!

Lyn said...

You look great! And I just love fresh pears. WHen I go to the grocery store I used to get hungry and want a snack and get cookies or something. Now when I get like that, I buy a fresh ripe pear and eat it in the car. They are SO sweet and filling :)

Poonie said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! NSV high five! As I've mentioned before on my blog, getting into smaller clothes (especially if they're new!) is my favourite NSV, it's the best feeling. Good for you.