Friday, June 13, 2008


Well I am still up, but not 10 pounds at least anymore. I am only up 3. How is it that a week ago, I was .8 from my goal, and here I am up 3 pounds?

For the record, I am still swollen. My arms and legs are still about 2X the size they normally are (but better than the 5X larger that they were a few days ago). TOM is also approaching, so I am just going to hope the gain is still from either or both of those things. I also had steak on Wed and I know sometimes that causes things to "back up" if you know what I mean.

It just sucks though, I feel like Im going backward. I am sure the no exercise hasnt helped either. I finally started peeling today so my skin doesnt feel as tight, so Im going to begin my exercise schedule again tomorrow and hope that by Monday, I can be back down to where I was.

On a positive note, I had a great birthday. I went out to dinner that night with my boyfriend and had a great meal and ate on plan. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I have a feeling 26 is going to be a good year. When I think that last year I lost 47 pounds, I know that I can accomplish even more goals this year.


Grumpy Chair said...

Happy belated birthday.

Hope your sunburn begins to heal and those three pounds will be off before you know it.

Have a great weekend.

Cammy said...

You'll probably shed 3 pounds of skin. :) Glad you're able to get back to your exercise. You'll be at goal before you know it!

ashley said...

You ate on plan? You rock! Keep up the hope. You ARE doing great. The 3 pounds will get that message soon!

Bev said...

I missed a few posts.....Happy Birthday! Hope it was a good one! ;)

Keep on keeping on and you will get there! I ate so much on "vacation" and bloated, but I'm already back on track (which is good!) I weigh in on Monday to find out the damage done.

Have a great weekend!

Ceres said...

Happy belated birthday, I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself! I'm sure the extra pounds will disappear very soon, I hope your skin gets better as well :-)

Mary said...

Ive missed quite a few posts. Happy Belated Birthday! Im glad it was good. Hope you are having a good weekend as a 26 year old. :)

Carleen said...

stay positive, keep at will come off and you'll hit your goal soon.. :)

Crystal said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad you had a great one. Hope the effects of your bad sunburn end soon and you can get back on track with everything. Try not to let those 3 pounds get you down. You will get rid of them real soon!

Laura N said...

Happy belated birthday!

You'll get there. Towards the end, it's often one step forward two steps back. The sunburn thing was a total fluke. Give yourself more time, and you'll be at goal before you know it!