Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Looking Great in 2008 Week 28

Well here is my 2nd checkin for the week for Tales from the Scales, and happy to report I am down .6 from Monday and down .2 from where I was last week. Still above that 40 pound number, but TOM is a bitch. It started today and I feel majorly bloated and gassy. No fun and Im not too concerned about the scale at the moment.

A woman today told me that my pants were baggy again. Nice to hear but so very frustrating because I feel like I am always buying new pants. I think Im going to wait until I lose these next 7(8 at the moment) pounds and then buy some new pants. Im fine with a little bagginess in the butt for a while!

Nothing else to report...just glad I am down. I am planning on writing tomorrow about exercise...I was a bit shocked at a lot of comments I received yesterday about how I "disliked" exercise or was "against it". I never realized that I was coming off that way just because I was busy and working 12 hour days and didnt feel like it at all. I didnt know that it translated into me not liking exercise or opposed to it. Not many people can work can work a 12 hour shift wondering if their project is going to fall to pieces and worrying about get fired every day, and feel like working out afterwards. Sure it happens and I give those people major credit. I am not one of them. But I will write about this more tomorrow. Im a bit crabby at the moment! Yet another fun side effect of TOM! Seriously though, I know that everyone is just real proud that I have bumped up my exercise from none to 4! I just get touchy about the subject not because its true, but because it only brings to light how much my personal life sucks. that I have no "me" time. Its just another reminder of the things I want to do, but never have time to do because my job consumes everything.


barbra brusk said...

i think ny reading this, you do exercise more than you can, actually.
working 12 hours a day (and i know what it feels like) is something you only know if you experience sometime.

so... i am working like 8, which is pretty normal, and i can't exercise yet.
so, you are one of my big inspirations.


barbra brusk said...

hey, i almost forgot.
where is the picture of your new haircut?
we wanna see it.

40 by 40 said...

I am sorry your job is so draining..I wish it wasn't. I hope it gets better. That is amazing that you worked out 4x last week. I understand about finding time to fit it in..and I am not working a 12 hr day..I do know that whenever I do work out..I do feel so good after..but it sure is hard to do it..for me--something always takes precedence. I am hoping with the nicer weather (if it ever comes) that I will be more active outside. For now...I just try to walk more steps each day..with the ol pedometer..maybe you can do this while at work? Anyway..enjoy the baggy pants..and I hope you have an easy TOM.

Holly said...

Oh Heather, I'm sorry if my comment yesterday offended you :( That truly wasn't my intent. Like you said in your post, I only wanted to let you know how proud of you I was for going from none to 4! I really do get how hard it is to fit in while working long days (remember me last month??). I guess I took it as you not having time for exercise and not liking exercise either. Sorry! :(

Hanlie said...

I'm also just taking my foot out of my mouth for a moment to apologize for offending you! It was not my intention.

You're doing great under very trying circumstances!

Jan B said...

There are times when I hate exercise. But it's a necessary evil, like shots for kids and pain during labor. I will never been Cindy Crawford jumping up and down on the aerobics bandwagon.

Congrats on the baggy pants. I know how you feel. I wear stretchy pants because they at least look a little better on me. When I get thinner, they get thinner. My pants that have waistbands are tight at the waist and baggy in the butt and legs. It's frustrating!

Lyn said...

You're doing great, especially with working 12 hours. That's rough. I feel sometimes like I am working full time, with 5 kiddos and DH always gone for weeks, so it was a big deal for me to make some time for exercise too. I just blogged about it and then saw your post! Very cool... we can get fit together! (But you're gonna have to be smokin' hot in that swimsuit without me for one more year!)

Felicia said...

Ah the dreaded "baggy britches" hahaha. Fun to have something like that going on isnt it. Just more proof of how awesome you are doing. Keep up the amazing work!


ashley said...

I just noticed today how close you are to your goal! Congratulations!

When I got to my goal, I honestly enjoyed the baggy pants. They were a reminder of what I used to be compared with what I was at the moment! Wear those pants proudly!

ashley said...

I want th picture, too!