Friday, December 7, 2007

Things couldnt be better..

Just when I am already happy with everything, I have another fantastic day! I know, I sound pretty cheesy, but I am just floating on clouds right now.

I weighed in at 182.4 which means I have now officially lost 25 pounds!! Whats even more exciting is that I finally got my measurements done again and I have lost 17 inches all around! the counselor held out a measuring tape where 17 inches is and that is a LOT. I have lost a lot in my boobs though and that is not the place I would like it to be going from. I had to buy a new bra and I went down a cup size so I had figured they were shrinking. I am now fitting in a size 16 comfortably and probably will be able to move down to a 14 in another 10 pounds or so which is so exciting. God, when was the last time I was in a 14!?!

What is even cooler is that my counselor said that when I get to my goal weight, they want me to try out for a LAWL commercial! how crazy!?! I dont know if I could really do it. I mean, I want people out there to know that its possible and I have this program to thank for it, but I think I would be too embarrassed. maybe if theres a prize

Today was also interesting because a part time worker at my company was in and I hadnt seen her in a while. Well she kept looking at me and was thinking, why is she staring at me? She then says, wow you have lost a lot of weight! I was glad to hear her say it. Whats even sweeter is that I said that I was about half way there and she said, I dont think you need to lose any more weight. That was really sweet because while people probably have no clue that I weigh as much as I do and think that by me losing another 20 something pounds would mean I would be at a low weight, but really 160 is probably not considered to be a low weight.

Then she said to me, I wish I could do that. And I said, well you can. Thats what I truly believe, that with the hard work and patience, it is possible. Im not saying its easy or that it wont take a while, but it can be done. She just kind of shrugged off my response. Then at lunch she saw my healthy balanced meal and said, thats what you are eating? And I said yes, it has all the food groups and I eat at least 6 times a day. She said, well I could never eat like that. I wanted to say, well thats why you will never lose the weight. It sounds harsh, but its the reality. If you are unwilling to make changes in your life to get what you want, then it wont happen. Not even with just weight loss, with anything. Some people are lucky, but the world doesnt just drop wonderful surprises in your lap all the time. Most of the time you have to work for what you want and if you truly want it, you can attain it in some way. Thats what made me sad about this woman, because I know she has the power to change her life and become the person she wants to be, but doesnt want to make the changes.

Anyways, awesome day! I hope you are all well out there, havent heard from many of you lately so I hope you are all doing ok! I definitely wouldnt doing so well without all of you.


Anonymous said...

WAHOOO!!!! 25 lbs is AMAZING!!!!

Lyn said...

Way to go! You are doing great. I am so happy for you. 17 inches is a lot!

Anonymous said...

:) you're right. Change takes EFFORT, and some people are afraid to put in the effort and possibly fail. But they don't get anywhere until they try.

Congrats on the 25lbs!

Teale said...

I had a similar experience at work recently. We went to a chinese buffet (yikes!), and a coworker was talking about wanting to eat healthy, etc. but then she proceeded to fill up 3 times w/the worst chinese foods you could get. I filled up twice, but it was w/the better foods on the buffet. You have to make sacrifices... either sacrifice bad foods or sacrifice your health, you know?