Monday, November 5, 2007

Back to the 190s

Yes my rein in the 180s was short lived. Weighed in today and..brace yourself...was UP 2.2 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEK!

That is just about everything I lost last week, and Im not seeing those 80s. But some of it cant be helped and some of it could have been.

First, I am sure TOM has something to do with it. I usually gain when its that time.

Secondly, I did eat some things I shouldnt have. I ate ok all weekend with the exception of yesterday. Yesterday I went to a jewelry party which was a lot of fun, but there was nothing healthy to eat. Not even a veggie platter! I had a few pieces of cheese, which is ok and counted as my dairy, but I also gave in and ate a brownie. It was delicious and I enjoyed it, but I shouldnt have had it. I also had 1 glass of hot spiced wine (also ok, counts as a fruit).

Then my friend and I went back to her house and had dinner with her husband and my boyfriend. We ordered gyros which are fine and while I could account for what I was eating (1 gyros and a greek salad), I put a lot of feta cheese on the gyros and salad, and I had already had my dairy earlier so that was a bad choice.

Then later on, my friend brought out her sons halloween candy and everyone was digging in the bucket. I ended up having 2 tootsie roll pops (yes I guess I do have an addiction to these things), and 1 krackel bar.

I am just writing everything out because i feel the need to share what I ate and recognize that I did make some mistakes.

Why, is the question. I am not really sure. I was kind of stressed out this weekend and I also felt kind of out of sorts yesterday with not having any healthy food choices and being around my friends who pretty much can eat whatever they want.

So while I am shocked that I gained that much weight, I have no one to blame but myself (and TOM). I am sure that a lot of this will be gone on Wed for my next weigh in and hopefully I will be seeing those 180s again.


Scale Junkie said...

I blame TOM. I've been a human vacuum cleaner for 36 hours because of TOM and a cold. Gyros have a lot of sodium in them and you could be retaining extra water from that too. So tomorrow we both climb back on the wagon and get this back in check! We can do this!

Minke said...

It doesn't sound like, from what you described, that you really ate that much. I have to agree... it sounds like it's TOM's fault, and some fluid retention. I predict you'll be back in those 80s in no time :)

Leigh said...

Just don't let it get you down, and keep on going, and you should be back on track in no time! and it doesn't sound like you did that bad!

MB said...

I'm sure you'll be back in the 180s in no time. Doesn't sound like you went crazy, just living life. Hopefully you will remember the fun you had and not the extra calories. :)

Anonymous said...

Blame TOM. :) Don't kick yourself over the gain, it happens to us all!!!

Teale said...

I always get bloated & feel like a gain is coming around my period too.

And I just had a question about LAWL.... wine can count as a fruit???