Thursday, November 10, 2011

I am a horrible blogger and feel so bad that I just up and left, and stopped reading anything in my google reader. I cant complain - life is good and I am enjoying being married and doing well at my job. In terms of my weight and health, i couldnt be doing better. I am currently maintaining 143 pounds, exercise 5 days a week, and ran my first 5k back in September. I guess with my priorities lying elsewhere, I just didnt have time to devote to writing or reading. I really appreciate all of the support I had along the way of my journey and I still care about those that were there for me and wish everyone well. Hopefully one of these days I have time to come back and devote more time and be a better supporter!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Yes I have been slacking off again with this blog. I was SO ready to jump back into blogging but I guess my life hasnt really settled down much after the wedding as I thought it would. I was traveling for work, and then it was Thanksgiving, and so the story goes.

For a while there with the traveling, my weight was not going in the direction I wanted. I think I got back up to 147.8 and had a mild freak out because I havent been over 145 in months. But I calmed myself down and realized it was lack of exercise and proper food that was the cause, and I was glad to see I was back down to 145.8 this past week. Still a bit higher than I would like, but I had two Thanksgiving meals (one with family, one with friends), so after that I couldnt really expect to be back down to 144. Even with the 3 pound gain, it was messing with my mind. Suddenly I felt really fat and gross, and we went to a party last weekend where I felt like the fattest person in the room. Its not that I want to continue to lose any more weight - I think my fear is gaining weight and gaining it all back, even after 2 years of losing and maintaining. Even the littlest gain makes me worry. I hate feeling this way but I also feel like I need to be on top of this so that if I do see a gain, I find out why and what I can do so that it doesnt continue to be gain after gain. I am just worried about that feeling of helplessness of gains that I cant control. Yes even this long being away from 226 I still have these fears.

That is really all that is on my mind right now. Here are some profession
al wedding pics to enjoy:

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